How ProKakis works

One product, Multiple uses.

ProKakis is a one-stop solution for third-party risk assessment, onboarding decision-making, and identifying beneficial ownership structures. Identify key risk issues clearly and concisely using accurate information in a well-structured and transparent report format. Our comprehensive range of reports includes specialized reports that support specific compliance requirements including sentimental analysis for a much broader perspective.

Simplify the due diligence process

Use our advanced Due Diligence reports to fight financial crime and help you comply with anti- money laundering, anti-bribery, and corruption regulations or get ahead of a merger, acquisition, or joint venture through finding hidden opportunities.

Protect your business

Protect your reputation and the risk of financial damage and regulator action with EBOS Reputation. Enhance your knowledge and understanding of customer, supplier, and third-party risk, helping you avoid those involved with financial crime or negative attention.