ProKakis is the first Asian VERIFIED business platform aims to help global customers to identify their niche and seek for potential increase in bottomline.

We put together next generation digitial technologies on one platform. It collects information from business owners and detects real world changes with Thomson Reuters World Check on its secure cloud server. With a through financially and legally analysis of the companies, companies deepens and diversify their international connections through a secure digital platform.

With an increasing number of firms vetting their customers, stakeholders and future business partners for negative news, it is vital that you get this process right before you make entail yourself with undesirable business partners

Building your Company Profile

Systematic and concise report to show case for various business opportunities such as business acquisition, merger and establishing new distributorship via exporting or licensing. Your digital profile is a perfect tool to establish a digital marketing presence and increase your SEO score. A good profile will include company website, financial track records, information about your product and services

Understand Your Company

Using advanced analytical tool to determine your company score to obtain better financial understanding of your shortfall. This report will easily replace any consultant that charge exorbitant fee. A company who wish to benchmark itself with the industry standard will find the information handy to identify the core area of key concern and make significant improvement to it.

Compliance with AML and CML Regulations

Powered by Thomson Reuters, companies are rest assured that our members of the ProKakis network are properly screen for heightened risk individuals and entities globally, and to uncover hidden risks in business relationships and human networks. Thus your stakeholders and you will be 100% sure that you are dealing with the right alliance partners. This will also indirectly provide saving in the future as “Know Your Client” (KYC) process is a mandatory requirement by AML and CFL guidelines.

Compliance with AML and CML Regulations

* Explore opportunity in ProKakis Network by reducing the time needed to aimlessly search for one alliance that has not been verified.

* Redefine the approach to look for genuine buyers and sellers for your product, services and business

Empower your people with the knowledge they need to produce rapid rewards



Due Diligence Report

  • Indepth Financial Analysis
  • Compliance Check with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) via Thomson Reuters World-Check
  • Compliance Check with Financing of Terrorism (CFT) process via Thomson Reuters World-Check
  • Trade Reference Search by Consultants
  • Consultants Analysis
  • ProKakis Scoring

Finding the Ideal Partner at the Lower Cost

Potential alliance partners will screen through your executive and/or comprehensive report with your ranking score. With the comprehensive report, ProKakis member can proceed with a business relationship at ease without incurring additional cost in traditional due diligence that is time consuming and more expensive. This will significantly reduce the time aimlessly searching for one. Billions of dollars and time is lost through vetting of financial reports, or through dubious business To conclude a successful alliance with a close degree of goal congruence among the prospective partners and to reduce transaction cost if a wrong strategic alliance partner is chosen, ProKakis believes that the more information provided by the ProKakis member about itself and its achievement in term of quantitative and qualitative record, this will not only enhance its standing in the ProKakis network, it will also enable itself to be found by the RIGHT Alliance partner.

Meet Your Consultants

Meet the ProKakis Consultant and together we can evaluate significant investments, acquisitions, transactions and IPOs. A consultative-based offering can be tailored to the level of risk and regulatory scrutiny involved by individual company.


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