ProKakis is the first Asian VERIFIED business platform that aims to help global customers to identify their niche and seek potential increase in bottomline.

We have put together next generation digital technologies on one platform. It collects information from business owners and detects real world changes with Thomson Reuters World Check on its secure cloud server. With a thorough financial and legal analysis of the companies, it helps companies deepens and diversify their international connections through a secure digital platform.

With an increasing number of firms vetting their customers, stakeholders and future business partners for actionable opportunities and risks, it is vital that you get this process right before you make a significant business decision.

Building your Company Profile 

  • Concise reports on various business opportunities such as business acquisition, merger and establishing new distributorship. 
  • Data depositry for relevant certificates and awards.

Understand Your Company 

  • Using customised financial tools to determine your company score to obtain better financial understanding of your shortfall. 
  • Benchmark with the industry standard will help to identify the core area of concern thus enabling you to make significant improvements to it.

Compliance with AML and CML Regulations 

  • Achieve compliance with evolving AML/CTF legislation and ensure a cost efficient client onboarding. 
  • Automate ProKakis Business Intelligence Risk Report throughout the lifetime of the client thus minimizing overall risk to your business.

Search Opportunity 

  • Explore opportunity in ProKakis Network by reducing the time needed to aimlessly search for one alliance that has not been verified. 
  • Redefine the approach to look for genuine buyers and sellers for your product, services and business without paying any administrative fee.

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