The global marketplace has becoming independent, thus no company can be an island if they want to compete in the global marketplace, every company have to thinks in term of working with others.

Global Power

Adapt to the changing global marketplace by forming strategic business alliances and use the resources of other firms. Seeking strategic business alliance is one of the ways of seeking Global Power.

Strategic Partners

At ProKakis Network, we also provide the opportunities for our ProKakis members to advertise their strategic intent for the RIGHT Strategic Partner and potential business opportunities in a safe environment.

Enhance SEO Ranking

Improve your SEO ranking and your chance of getting the RIGHT Strategic Partners in the most cost-effective way by targeting like minded users actively looking for your products and services online.

Join Verified Partners

We partner with verified ProKakis members to bring your business to the next level. Expanding your business will be effective with lesser dollars spent. ProKakis Network will act as a catalyst to spur your business growth.

Customer Engagement

Networking events are important for business substantiality and growth. We believe that both offline and online networking are crucial stepping-stones for business professionals, start-ups and companies.


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