Social Listening Tool

Uncover online conversations to gain insights from your customers and competitors from digital and social networks. Optimize your marketing strategy with access to detailed reports and dashboards or build what you need with customized reports and professional services. Reach influencers to target your product/services to a broader audience to increase sales.

EBOS Reputation develops in advanced artificial intelligence technologies for sentiment analysis and opinion mining from free text. Our Team use the technology to extend your abilities and to serve your customers to introduce you to the key of social media concepts and equip you with the research tools and techniques needed to discover everything you need to know about your business, audience, cultural, industry trends and etc.

The Team uses:

  • Keep Communication with your audiences in Real-Time
  • Save time with automatic sentiment analysis
  • Improve your customer relationship with powerful & affordable reputation management tools
  •  Be the first to know what appears in the digital news space


Find out who is talking about you or your competitors on the entire web, monitor news, blogs, digital media & social networks to assess your marketing strategy Filter important information from spam and links with applications of text mining for Risk Management Software and Cybercrime applications. Text Analysis and Classification for discovering positive and negative mentions and topics related to your name or products.

Web Monitoring

Our crawler that scans more than 100M web pages daily & extracts conversations, comments, articles & online reviews.140 million headlines and stories per year

Social Media Monitoring

EbosReputation monitors social media networks like facebook, twitter, youtube, google+, Instagram, linkedin and many more. Manage your business your brand and communicate with your audience in Real-Time.

Online Reputation Alerts

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, we detect & get warned about irregular spikes in volume. EBOS Reputation WARNS about online reviews & opinions as they appear on major online review sites.

Technology & Application Programming Interface

Our team develops advanced artificial intelligence technologies for sentiment analysis & opinion mining from free text. Our algorithms extract sentiment, topics, concepts & online reviews from text in multiple languages.